The world wide interest in Italian traditional properties in Tuscany and Umbria intensified in the 1990th and stimulated many people and entrepreneurs to invest in buying, restoring and converting old structures to vacation and leisure habitats. Arch. D. Drach in collaboration with Arch. Amiram Katz both of Italian background started working for a Luxembourg company which started to invest in this particular activity in 2002. The entrepreneurs searched and located interesting and valuable structures helped the company acquiring them. Detailed restoration projects were elaborated for each property, and, with the technical assistance of local professionals, building permits obtained. Thereafter the group executed the restoration jobs. When completed, the vacation houses and apartments were sold by the company to international clients. The restoration and rehabilitation process was conceived according to strict environmental and architectural guidelines, the original form of the existing houses had to be preserved and traditional, original materials (or similar) had to be reused. The projects were implemented according to sustainable, environmental friendly guidelines, thus rain water had to be collected and reused for gardening, sewage water purified through a biological cycle and restored to nature
‏In the reconstruction process, most of the same components of the old houses were cleaned and reused and the new materials added were of the same kind.
‏In some project the subject of producing electric energy by using solar panels was addressed and planed.