David Drach is a graduate of the Milan Polytechnic in Architecture and Urban Planning.  After graduation, he was awarded a scholarship to study in Japan, at the Faculty of Architecture in Kyoto University. He completed a two-year postgraduate program in architecture and landscaping. Upon his return to Israel from Japan in 1980, he opened his Architectural Studio.

Like many other beginners in the field of architecture, David first concentrated on small-scale housing projects and interior design. In time, his practice embraced a wide range of projects, including Master Plans, Urban Design, public buildings, large housing projects, exclusive private homes and landscape design.

Anat Drach Egber graduated in 2009 at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where she completed her studies of Architecture, after studding 2 years Architecture and Urban Planning at the faculty of Architecture in Florence, Italy.

Anat joined the studio after working 5 years for a leading architectural firm in Tel Aviv.

Anat has considerable experience in conservation and restoration projects as she was working with the Tel Aviv conservation department, town planning, small scale housing and interior design.

During the last decade, the Studio has also been involved in a variety of projects in Europe; such as the restoration and rehabilitation of old farm houses, and villas in Tuscany and Umbria in Italy. An environmentally sustainable housing project in Volterra, Italy, and a 300 unit residence/ vacation project at Lalesit bay, on the Adriatic Sea in Albania.

In Israel, the studio was the first firm to design and build an Earthquake Reinforcement project of a residential building, according to the master plan and law named "Tama 38" approved in 2005. The master plan awarded building rights to existing residential buildings, which were built before 1980, to stimulate residents and entrepreneurs, to undertake projects of their structural reinforcement against earthquakes.

These days, our studio continues to design and build a variety of residential projects of which some are, according to the above, master plan, and others are urban design projects, of new residential areas substituting existing ones. 

We believe that architectural creation is about understanding, feeling, and experiencing culture. The keys to a coherent design-process are awareness of past and present tied with understanding of the environment. Sustainable design, which in recent years gains ground, should be the obvious product of our work as Architects. On the practical level, in our daily professional work we believe that constant dialogue with our clients and continuous, adequate collaboration with our consultants enables us to manage projects optimally and execute the best design.